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Questions & Tests Authoring

Easy question & test creation: Our authoring tool is extremely simple to use and works intuitively, prompting test authors at every step of test creation. Even the first timer finds it easy to start authoring questions in minutes. We have provided familiar tools for formatting or adding images, etc. so that, you can get going in minutes.

Multiple question types to choose from: Our question-authoring tool supports many familiar question types - multiple choice, free text, yes-no, true-false - in an intuitive way.

Multi Lingual: Test Anchor supports question authoring & reports in more than 50 languages, including French, German, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi etc.

Advanced functionality: You can add images with text to every question that you create, select the correct answer and assign weightage to every answer. This gives you an advantage especially if you are creating a Job skills tests, as assigning negative marks for wrong answers will keep the guesswork out and help you select the right candidates.

Collaborative, Real-time Authoring & Content-banking: Multiple test authors within or outside your organisation can create questions and tests in a collaborative way i.e. author the same test based on permissions granted.

Real time edit, delete and archiving: After the test is published, you can still edit or correct for errors that you may find out later. It also lets you archive questions and add new set of questions without having any impact on the reports of the candidates who have taken the test before you edited it.

Upload Manager: You can convert your existing paper and pencil test to an online test in minutes. Upload manager allows you to import your entire set of questions in one go.

Powerful Testing Features

Once your authors have created the questions and tests, they can add a variety of testing features and options to give you an edge over other test publishers.

Add marking & test instruction: For every test that you create, you can add marking i.e. marks for every correct and incorrect answer. Also add detailed instruction for test takers in terms of do's & don'ts. You can edit these at any point of time i.e. even after the tests have been published.

Time duration, Passing score and Proficiency levels: It let's you add and control powerful elements that will help you to view meaningful and accurate reports. You can add the time duration of the test, add passing score and five (proficiency levels). These elements will help you to sort, compare, rank and select candidates at first level before you see a detailed report of shortlisted candidates to gain deeper insight.

Mandatory answer & Skip question management (Patent filed): With the Mandatory Answers feature on, the candidate cannot move to the next question until he/she has answered the previous question. When Mandatory Answers feature is switched off, Skipped Question Management feature (patent filed) gets activated. This is of great help to the candidates as it allows them to skip a particular question and move on to the next question. This becomes all the more important when wrong answers carry negative marks. Candidates can view questions that they have skipped and choose to answer any of these if they want to!

Two levels of randomization: To prevent any misuse or copying we have provided with two layers of randomization i.e. page and question randomization. Now that the test has been created and testing elements added, it is ready to be published.

Awesome Administer & Distribute Features

Now that test has been created it is ready to be published. However, before it is published, our platform provides some awesome features that make administration of these tests highly effective in an organizational context.

Tag Company specific job or position: You can tag the test that you have created with your company's specific jobs or positions, as our platform lets you create your own departments and positions that are specific to your organisation.

Add multiple tests to create one assessment: Every job requires the incumbent to be multi skilled. Hence, it is obvious that you would want to assess candidates for multiple skills. Our platform makes it easier for you to combine different skill tests to create One Assessment for a job role or a position,so that you do not have to administer tests multiple times.It makes the task for coordinators so much easy and they are less likely to commit any mistakes while administering multiple tests.

Add hundreds of contact & administer multiple tests to unlimited a number of candidates in one go: You can add hundreds of contacts - candidates through our upload manager. Our platform intuitive user interface allows you to administer tests to candidates in 2 different ways. You can choose an assessment (multiple tests) and administer it to unlimited number of candidates or choose multiple candidates and assign a specific job role assessment (multiple tests).

Targeted scheduling of date, time and place with personalized messages: TestAnchor allows you to schedule your tests by setting a date & time window so that candidates can take these tests only within the time window that you have defined.

You can further restrict test access i.e. allow only a set of IP addresses where the test can be taken from. You can also write personalized messages to inform candidates about reporting time, direction to the test venue, contact person and any other instructions that you would want candidates to know about.

Customized Intuitive Test Taking Interface

Customize Test Taker's Screen: You have spent huge money on building your company as a brand with your customers. It is equally important to stand out from the crowd and build your company as a brand with candidates - your human resource. With literally hundreds of customizable features, TestAnchor allows you to brand your delivery with your own unique characteristics. You can add your company's logo, and personalize welcome & thank you page, buttons, labels, and messages. It allows you to capture the candidate's social demographics and generate analytics to make informed decisions and redirect candidates to your desired page after they complete the test.

Intuitive test taking interface: Test Anchor candidate test-taking interface provides the ultimate experience that no other test software provides. Its rich functionality reduces the candidate's anxiety during the test and facilitates the best possible demonstration and outcome of the candidate's competence. Some of the features that the TestAnchor interface provides are:

  • Dashboard for the candidates to toggle between tests
  • Mandatory answers & Optional pause button
  • Time remaining or time taken clock
  • Submit with unanswered question check
  • Restriction of copy/paste functionality
  • Progress bar with question count
  • Skip Question Management

Real time monitoring of test completion by candidates: Our dashboard will keep you in the know of the progress, in real time basis, of every candidate's test status i.e. Test completed, not attempted, abandoned or in progress. Our candidate interface will amaze you with the speed at which it pulls out the next set of questions, even in a scenario of poor internet connectivity. Thus making it the most reliable in the industry.

Real-time Detailed Psychometric Reports

Extremely powerful and easy to use, our report center is much ahead of our competitors and has become a benchmark for them to follow. It lets you run meaningful reports from anywhere, anytime you need with up-to-the-minute data.

Our reports will help you see through the test takers facade and let you have deep insight into their actual knowledge & skills that they possess, their work attitudes and the behaviors they are likely to display.

Key features of our report

  • They are objective, easy to understand and need least interpretation.
  • Our reports are incredibly accurate and spot on! They are specific and to the point. Its simplistic design helps to provide you meaningful information that you can relate to your work setting.
  • Flexibility to choose between summary and detailed versions of the report. You can also print, save, share (with password) reports to multiple non-company stakeholders on the fly.
  • Role based access for your managers to view the test taker's reports to maintain confidentiality. You can give personalized access to all your hiring and business managers and they will only get to see the reports for candidates and positions that they are hiring for.
  • View one consolidated report for multiple tests that a candidate has taken. This saves time and gives you a 360-degree holistic view for effective decision-making.

Our reports are one of a kind and the recruiters and trainers love it! After all, it was built with inputs from recruiting and training departments of top companies.

Real time Candidate Performance Dashboard

Our dashboard & analytics provide HR, recruitment, training and business team's timely, meaningful and relevant information on demand. Multiple teams located at different can simultaneously view, measure and monitor information on a real time basis. This enables the HR & business managers to take fact-based, data-driven decisions and not decisions that are purely on 'gut' feel.

You can set passing scores for functional & aptitude tests. Perform "What If Analysis" to take faster decisions. Compare and rank test takers on various parameters like testing scores, time taken etc.

Other features:

  • They are available to managers anywhere and anytime, which again, enables faster decisions.
  • Includes interactive scorecards, drill-down and drill-through reporting, and advanced charting.
  • Role based access for your managers to maintain confidentiality. You can give personalized access to all your hiring and business managers and they will only get to see the analytics and dashboard of tests, candidates and positions that they are hiring for.

Awesome Predictive Analytics

TestAnchor is the only platform that has inbuilt performance dashboard and predictive analytics at its core. Built to perform and available at no additional price to every customer who signs up, has made it stand out and much sought after assessment platform. Some of the features are:

  • View analytics on candidates, employees and tests through meaningful multiple 3D charts and graphs.

  • You can slice and dice analytical data with more than 15 demographic characteristics representing educational levels, institutes, years of experience and other social parameters of candidates and employees.

These help you to take strategic recruiting and training decisions as you can view co-relation between tests scores, actual job performance and their social and educational demography.

Customizable Enterprise Level Features

Our assessment platform can be completely customized to every customer's exact needs on the go! It is also loaded with enterprise level features that are available in advanced ERP applications.

Customization: In addition to customizing test taker's screen and test delivery, it also gives you complete flexibility to uniquely structure our platform to mimic your organization.For e.g. - You can create your company's organizational level & reporting structure, create and name your company's specific departments and positions.

It empowers you to create many masters that include employee's and candidate's qualification, educational institutes and boards, performance and potential rating and many more demographic features. These come in handy when you co-relate candidates test scores with their actual job performance and view any other meaningful relationship between any other demographic features.

Enterprise level features: You can create multiple users & assign every user with a role. Unlike other software's it does not come with a fixed number of roles for the users that you create. Built-in flexibility to its core, Test Anchor allows you to create unlimited number of roles and also set personalized access rights for each user.

In fact we have gone a step ahead and coded it object oriented. While the master administrator can view the set of data, but when your business managers log in, they get to see only the reports for candidates and positions that they are hiring for or of the employees who are in their team. This relieves your recruitment & training resource from coordination and saves you time and money.

Scalable with Rock Solid Security Features

Scalable Architecture that supports high & swift response time: We have put together, state-of-the-art server architecture that ensures real time scalability (as and when you demand) and swift response time. You'll be amazed at the speed our interface responds to your every click and uptime is 99.99% sure. You can be rest assured, as our platform is the most reliable in the industry.

Highest level of Security with 256-bit encryptions: No matter how large or small your organization is, you deserve the best in security and stability. All your data is secure on our servers. All communications between our server and the clients are encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 256 bit encryption. This is the same functionality used by best in class banks for secure communication. We also store your files encrypted when they are at rest on our servers, adding an additional layer of security.

Our secured servers are compliant with: ISO 27001, SAS 70 Type II Audit, PCI DSS Level I, FISMA, etc. Physical security that is provided at the Data Center includes Biometric Access, Surveillance Cameras etc. Our network level security consists of Robust Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems and Anti Virus Software.

Environmental systems are designed to minimize the impact of disruptions to operations including natural disasters or system failures. We can go on & on... The point we are trying to drive - It is very likely that our servers are much better secured than most of the top fortune 500 companies.

No data loss with Disaster Recovery Protocol: Loss of data is unacceptable to us! To protect against any kind of data loss, our servers are equipped with technology that automatically mirrors all data in real-time to three separate locations i.e. USA, Germany & Australia. Regular incremental and full backups of all system data are performed, including off-site data backups stored in two separate secure physical locations, to protect against almost all disaster scenarios. We have two sets of private infrastructures with Amazon & Rackspace, two of the most respected companies in the world.