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Companies across the world are increasing opting for Test Anchor to manage their assessment needs, relying on our assessment platform to author and deliver high stake tests, automate their assessment process or get a quality bespoke skill test developed at a highly affordable price. We offer flexible solutions in and around technology (psychometric assessment platform), content (bespoke skill test development & psychometric services).


Test Anchor is a next gen web-based psychometric -assessment platform that caters to companies Pre-employment testing and Learning assessment needs

Companies are increasingly using our assessment platform to assess thousands of candidates at an early stage to remove the unsuitable applicants earlier in the process. This enables recruiters and hiring managers to interview the most suitable applicants in the least time possible, thus reducing the recruitment time and cost considerably. It also helps companies to improve quality of hires as hiring managers get to spend their valuable time with less candidates and deep dive during the interview stage to select the best fit.

Apart from highly affordable prices, what distinguishes our assessment from similar products is that it can be customize to your exact needs on the go! Companies can uniquely structure our platform to mimic its organization reporting structure, name departments and much more. Enterprise level features like role based access, where companies can create multiple users and roles, thereby personalizing every user's access level to maintain confidentiality etc. This frees your recruitment & training resource from coordination and saves you time and thousands of dollars. Unbelievable but it's true. Take a Free trial to experience it right away.

For companies that needs customized solution, we also offer custom assessment application development.We ensure it is delivered as per your brief and covers every aspect, irrespective of the complexity involved as we like taking up these challenges because we do nothing else except develop software's in and around assessment.


For companies we offer bespoke skill test development at highly affordable prices.

Getting a bespoke skill test developed to suit your exact needs has many advantages over ready to go tests. Ready to go tests turn out to be costly in the long run, also they do not match your exact requirements. In addition companies do not get to own the copyright of ready to go tests, hence are at the mercy of the test providers who would demand more price after some time.

We at Test Anchor took up this challenge and decided to offer bespoke skills test development at a highly affordable cost. No rocket science, just a common sense approach of connecting the Subject Matter Experts with the companies who need bespoke tests. Post clients briefs, subject matter experts, who are spread across the globe develop the initial item bank.After they are done with the initial set of questions - items, we put the test through a rigorous 15 step of test development process to ensure there is no inconsistency and assemble the test to ensure you get a superior quality. In addition, you will get to own the copyright of the bespoke tests developed through us.

On an average Bespoke tests developed through us along with TestAnchor will also help reduce your present assessment cost by at least 80%. We also offer psychometric services -Test Assembly & Blue printing, Standard setting, Item & Test Analysis. So get started and talk to our experts right away.

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