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About Us

TestAnchor provides for role base access, it's ability to create multiple users and unlimited roles with a hierarchy and detailed security controls distinguishes TestAnchor from similar products.You can personalize access rights for each user or role that you create. In fact we have gone a step ahead and made it object oriented so that when your business managers logs in, they only get to see the reports for candidates and positions that they are hiring for. This frees your recruitment & training resource from coordination and saves you time and money. Since it is a web-based platform, authorized users can securely access it from any web-enabled device (PC, mobile or tablet).

Truly a Hybrid Company

We are very conscious of the fact that technology is mere an enabler and not the solution in itself. So it is not a coincidence that a team of psychologist and assessment experts and tech geeks work hand in hand to deliver world-class assessment software's that you will love to use.

Our Expertise

Our expertise lies in the fact that we understand both business and technology aspects of software product development. We combine world-class software development methodologies with that of complex algorithms that lie under every psychometric test and its associated reports.

Positioned to deliver perfect middle mean

We are a proof that it is possible to get a top quality system without having to pay top price for it. Our development center in India endows TestAnchor with favorable conditions to offer that perfect middle mean where the quality is unsurpassed while the prices are affordable and cost-effective. On an average, you can look at saving at least 60 to 70 % of your software development cost, when you make us your technology partner.

Custom software "boutique"

As a custom software "boutique" in the competitive IT marketplace, we are large enough to have all the expertise required to build top-notch systems, yet small enough to be able to keep those systems within the financial reach of all types of clients, from small & medium sized companies to individual psychologists or assessment experts. We ensure it is delivered as per your brief and covers every aspect, i.e. customized workflow, user experience, branded test delivery or awesome reports. We know this space and love it. So, when you begin to describe your assessment challenge, we can already sense what solutions you need now as well as in future, with the right price. That is the advantage you gain when you deal with us.

Test Anchor - On demand, scalable assessment platform

For those who need a high quality assessment platform on the go at an unbelievable prices we have rolled out TestAnchor. Test Anchor is a next gen web-based psychometric -assessment platform that lets you create & author content, manage candidates & employees, administer test on the go, set your own reporting parameters, view assessment outcomes that includes reports, dashboard and analytics. Whether you're self-employed psychologist, assessor, recruiter, trainer, small sized company or a Fortune 500 company, Test Anchor has features that will suit all your assessment needs.

We're growing fast

TestAnchor is self-funded and profitable. This ensures that our pricing models are not under pressure from investors.We are slowly disrupting the assessment space and setting right benchmark for other companies to follow suit. Relatively young, but we see ourselves as global trendsetters, who find pleasure in disrupting the assessment space, and thereby challenging other assessment providers to innovate and follow suit.